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“Why Men Get Back Together With Their Exes”

Since men do not find it as easy to articulate their feelings as women do, it can be hard to know exactly what they are thinking. Oftentimes, rather than talking things out, a man will walk away from a relationship for seemingly no reason. In his mind, however, he knows exactly why he broke it off…

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The woman he had been seeing for almost a year may have thought that everything was going along great and that he was surely falling in love with her, even though he never told her as much.


After all, he was a man of few words, but she believed that his actions spoke volumes. He was attentive, affectionate and good to her. She assumed that the relationship would blossom and someday lead to marriage even though he never talked about commitment.

So when he left, she was shocked and saddened. Even though she wasn’t sure exactly why he left, she had an idea…

Recently, she had brought up the subject of marriage and children to him…

She mentioned that she wasn’t getting any younger and that her biological clock was starting to tick louder and louder. She also had mentioned that an old boyfriend, now divorced, had begun e-mailing her. Looking back, she can see how he may have felt like he was being backed into a corner…

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After he left, and she had some time to think it all through, she decided that it was for the best. She does want to have children some day and she won’t waste another minute with a man who can’t return her love. And, if he wants her back, he is going to have to make the first move.

After all, she has her pride and doesn’t even want him back if he cannot commit to a “forever” relationship. Her fears tell her to tell him as much in an e-mail, but she holds back. Even though all of her girlfriends have told her they would send such a message, she has decided to follow a plan.

One that was created by a man and speaks to a man’s heart. In following this process it seems strange and counterintuitive. Why, if she acted this way to a woman it might seem strange, but she has decided that a man would best understand men and thus she continues for one week and then another.

As the weeks go by, her fears rise at times, telling her that all is lost. Call him, plead with him to come back, promise him anything are the constant thoughts that plague her and yet, somehow, she continues her plan until that day when he does call and she is grateful she did not give into her fears…

His voice sounds different with an air of kindness, which in the following weeks lead to a reconciliation. “Thank goodness I found that plan,” she says to herself. Where can you find her plan?

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